Glow Pads (3 Pack)

$25.00 AUD

Are you frustrated with products that don’t remove makeup properly? Do you feel a little guilty about the number of disposable makeup pads you go through?  Hello Glow Skin has this problem solved. Glow Pads!

Glow pads are revolutionary facial cleansing pads that enable you to hang onto that fresh facial feeling while not contributing to landfill (which is awesome). Reusable cleansing pads are perfect when it comes to makeup removal leaving your skin clean, renewed and ready to relax, just wash your pad in between.

The facial cleansing pads come in a three pack for your convenience. All you need to do is dampen them with cold water and apply the soft, textured pad to your face for the refreshing exfoliation process that wipes away makeup and cleanses your pores. You will feel your skin breathe afterwards, thanking you for being renewed and free of unhealthy residue.

Hello Glow Skin Glow Pads – Facial cleansing pads that’ll make you feel good about your skin and the earth.

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