LED Facial

From $120.00 AUD
Signature LED Facial

Energise skin cells and improve their function to restore a healthier and more radiant glow.

Enzyme LED Facial

Enhance your Signature LED with a light enzyme peel that sweeps away dead surface skin cells to allow the energy of the LED to penetrate deeper into the skin and enhance its benefits.

LUX LED Facial

LUX LED Facial begins with a light enzyme peel to remove surface impurities and allows the lights of the Healite II to reach deeper into the skin and enhance its benefits. Every LUX facial finishes with a nourishing sheet mask which restores hydration and replenishes essential nutrients.

The healing, powerful wavelengths of the Healite II LED reach deep into your cells to energise, correct and restore skin.

Unwind and relax under the soothing lights of our Healite ll™ LED and promote healing, clear problem skin and rejuvenate more refined looking skin.

The Healite II is the most powerful LED device in the world and delivers its light safely, evenly and with controlled energy. A course of treatments can help heal acne, improve skin texture or promote healing post many of our treatments. And, no down time means you can go about your day-to-day activities as soon as you're done!

3 Powerful Wavelengths

Blue light (415nm)

• Eliminates the bacteria that cause acne
• Prevents future breakouts

Red light (633nm)

• Rejuvenates skin
• Brightens complexion

Infrared light (830nm)

• Reduces inflammation
• Promotes healing