Laser Genesis™

A gentle yet powerful anti-ageing laser facial by Cutera® that encourages the production of new collagen. It also improves the appearance of many skin conditions including redness, rosacea, small veins and capillaries, ageing skin and enlarged pores.

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Laser genesis by cutera being performed to reduce redness and rosacea, shrink enlarged pores and restore a more radiant looking skin.
Cutera® - Laser Genesis

A Laser Facial

Often referred to as a lunch-time facial, this relaxing and rejuvenating procedure offers immediate results with very little to no downtime. Performed in combination with a light Lactic Peel to enhance your results, every treatment finishes with a nourishing sheet mask to restore hydration and promote skin rejuvenation.

The skin is gently heated by pulsing micro-beams of laser energy that effectively diffuses redness, stimulates the production of new collagen and shrinks enlarged pores.

About this treatment

How many treatments do I need, and how often can I have a treatment?

We recommend that you receive a course of six treatments every
two to four weeks for the best possible outcome.

To maintain your results we recommend for a course to be performed once or twice a year for rejuvenation and possibly four to six times a year for stubborn redness or rosacea.

How long is the treatment

Sometimes referred to as a lunchtime procedure, a half face can generall be treated in about half an hour while a whole face is generally performed in about an hour, with minimal downtime between appointments

How do I care for my skin after having a Laser Genesis treatment?

We recommend the use of a physical sunscreen with SPF and to keep your skin cool. Use the homecare products prescribed to you by your skin consultant in between sessions.

Does the Laser Genesis remove hair?

Although the laser does not remove hair, we do ask that you shave any hairs in the treatment area so as they do not singe onto the skin during treatment. Any hairs treated will re-grow normally as the pusle duration of the Laser Genesis does not destroy hair follicles.