Tear Troughs

Tear trough correction, also called under-eye filler, is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that smooths and rejuvenates the under-eye appearance. As we get older the space beneath the eyes can begin to adopt a sagging, hollowed, or “sunken” look. This can make people concerned about having a tired or worn appearance and wish for smoother skin between the cheek and the lower eyelid. 

At The Skin Boutique, we offer tear trough filler treatments to target volume loss and skin laxity under the eyes. The procedure is a popular, non-invasive way to smooth the area beneath the eyes and restore a youthful glow. We customise treatments to ensure quality, natural-looking results for both male and female patients.

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We offer complimentary consultations but require a $50 deposit to secure your booking. Deposits are fully redeemable towards treatment. If you chose to not proceed with treatment for any reason your deposit will be fully refunded.

Cancelled or rescheduled appointments with less than 24 hour’s notice are not eligible for a refund.

registered nurse explaining and showing the results of dermal fillers used to enhance lips, cheeks, tear troughs and restore volume loss.
Tear Trough Fillers

How they work

The skin around the eyes is a delicate area. Your clinician will apply a high level of knowledge and skill to apply a precise amount of filler whilst maintaining a natural look. As well as this, we will place your injections strategically to avoid harming the fragile under-eye skin. 

Tear trough fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance found naturally in the body’s joints and connective tissue. When injected into the space under the eyes, the substance fills the grooves and hollows and lifts the tear trough into a more ideal and aesthetically pleasing position. Precise techniques will be applied to blend the eyelid and cheek area, creating a softer and smoother appearance.

On the day of your treatment, you may require an anaesthetic to help you have a comfortable experience. Following this, your clinician will administer a series of precise and small injections, filling the facial hollows and smoothing the skin’s surface appearance and texture. The total procedure will likely not take longer than 30 minutes. You can discuss whether follow-up treatments are necessary in your case during your consultation.

About this treatment

Tear Trough Filler Benefits

Tear troughs are hollows between the cheeks and the lower eyelids. They can be caused by a number of factors, such as age, genetics, and lifestyle, and the nature of your tear troughs will determine the approach to your treatment. 

Generally, tear troughs appear in the space between facial muscles and can be accentuated by the bulging of fat pads under the eyes. This can give the face a worn or aged appearance and significantly impact a person’s confidence. Tear trough filler replaces lost volume and restores a smoother and more youthful under-eye appearance. The treatment can be customised to your needs and facial anatomy and can achieve a number of benefits, including:

- Reduce lines and wrinkles under the eyes
- Correct dark circles and under-eye shadows
- Support the structure and tissue under your eyes
- Fill hollowed or sunken areas
- Improve skin texture and youthfulness

Your skilled clinician will administer precise amounts of filler to create the desired smoother and rejuvenated effect.

Your private consultation

In order to develop a plan for tear trough fillers that suits you, we will need to have a discussion with you beforehand. During your private meeting with us at The Skin Boutique, we will ask you about your medical history and any past procedures. If you have any underlying conditions that could present a risk for your treatment, this may impact your suitability. 

Generally, suitable patients are in good health, at a stable weight, and have a positive outlook for the outcomes of the procedure. Candidates are also non-smokers, as smoking increases your risk of healing complications like infection. At your consultation, you will be welcome to ask any questions. We will aim to give you all the information you require to prepare for your filler treatment. 

If you are concerned about dark circles, sunken eyes, or mild to moderate skin sagging under the eyes, this treatment could give you great results. Book a consultation to find out more about tear trough fillers and receive personalised guidance based on your individual needs and goals.


Tear trough filler injections are a low-risk and non-invasive procedure, which means most patients experience a successful, satisfying result. You can go home on the day of your treatment, with no downtime necessary. However, although the risks are slim, you will still need to follow your personalised aftercare instructions in order to encourage effective healing. For example, it is a good idea to:

- Avoid heat exposure and going out in the sun
- Stay hydrated and eat a nutritious diet
- Do not rub or touch the treatment area to give your filler time to settle
- Avoid exercise for the first 24 hours
- Refrain from alcohol, as this can thin your blood
- Avoid smoking, as smoking can increase healing risks

The swelling from the procedure may take one to two weeks to resolve. This means you will need to wait to see the final results of your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes dark circles?

Dark circles can have a number of causes, both natural and environmental, and they can be accentuated by facial grooves and hollows. Grooves can form in particular regions due to fatigue, pigmentation, loss of volume, ageing, genetics, and smoking. 

Is the procedure for men and women?

Yes, both men and women can rejuvenate their under-eye appearance with this procedure. If you have noticed sagging, wrinkles, or hollowing under your eyes, tear trough filler can offer great benefits and give you a boost of confidence. 

When will I see the results?

After your procedure, it will take some time for your swelling to subside. Most of the swelling should go down within 24 to 48 hours, but it may take longer to see the full results of your treatment. 

Are the results permanent?

Dermal filler procedures are not permanent, as your body will eventually absorb the substance. You can opt to have top-up treatments every six to twelve months to maintain your results.

What are the fillers made of?

Tear trough fillers are a gel-based dermal filler that is used to plump the under-eye area. They contain hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body. The filler is designed to fill facial indentations in a way that looks natural.