Face Masks

Reusable & Disposable

Don’t settle for an ill-fitting or restricting face mask. We have searched through many options, and have found the best non-medical grade face masks that our staff love, and we’re sure that you will too!

We stock both reusable and disposable face masks, so you can find the style that will suit your needs best. We have ensured that both styles allow your skin to breathe, helping you avoid mask-ne or breakouts. We have made sure that our disposable face masks are larger than those found in other outlets, making for a comfortable fit and are surprisingly breathable to wear.

Our re-usable face masks are 4-ply and feature an additional activated carbon filter for added protection. They also offer additional protection by containing a pouch to insert PM2.5 filters and are available in a variety of colours and patterns. Simply wear, wash, reinsert your filters, and repeat!

Our masks are soft and breathable, and feature adjustable ear-loops for comfort - perfect for prolonged use, and provide the perfect mix of comfort and protection. We recommend that you have at least two reusable masks to cycle through and have some disposable on hand for when the others are being washed. Don’t forget to wash your reusable mask after every wear - it’s vital to keep the mask safe for you to use, and to make sure that you aren’t pressing anything into your skin that will cause a breakout.

Buy your masks online and choose from either delivery or pick up at your closest Skin Boutique location - we have five convenient locations across Melbourne.