4 Ply Black Disposable Face Mask With Carbon Filter

$20.00 AUD $40.00

Wearing a mask is a new way of life, and a disposable face mask needs to be comfortable and safe. Our high quality black disposable face mask offers both comfort and safety with a bit of style on the side.

4 Ply Disposable Face Mask With Carbon Filter

If you’re looking to buy a disposable facemask that will bring you peace of mind, our 4 ply facemask will keep you protected. The disposable face mask has a four-layer construction. This design allows your skin to breathe and, as carbon filter face mask, it can offer an extra level of protection. The additional activated carbon filter layer is a substantial improvement on the traditional three-layer mask.

Buy a disposable face mask that fits well and looks good

Along with peace of mind, we know how important it is for a face mask to fit well and look good. With an adjustable nose piece and elastic ear loops, your facemask will stay in place, won’t fog up your glasses or hurt your ears. In addition to it being a safer alternative, our black disposable face mask with a carbon filter is a stylish alternative to traditional blue surgical masks for both men and women.

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