Pigment Solutions

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Pigmentation can refer to many different skin conditions ranging from simple freckles to large areas of discolouration such as melasma. While there may be many differing causes to the different types of pigmentation, all these conditions can be traced back to the melanocytes in our skin not functioning optimally. Triggers such as the sun, heat, injury and hormones can cause the melanocytes to become overactive and result in uneven skin tone.

Our carefully curated pigment solutions focus on both preventing the occurrence of new pigmentation by inhibiting the melanocytes as well as lifting the pigmentation to reveal healthier and more radiant looking skin.


The Mesoéclat Skin Peel system encourages the cell renewal process, strengthens your body’s ability to defend against free-radicals and nourishes your skin to soften the appearance of wrinkles.

A combined Azelaic and Salicylic Acid skin preparation solution exfoliates dead surface skin cells to allow the Mesoéclat serum to be absorbed by the deepest layers of the skin. This precisely formulated combination of organic silica, L-carnitine, lipoic and thioctic acid energise skin cells and restores their optimal ability to function.

We recommend a series of 5 treatments spaced every 10-14 days, with immediate visible results. The use of the Mesoéclat Cream at home is essential to maintain and prolong your results. Treatments can be continued once every 4-6 weeks after the initial 5 sessions.

Melapeel Forte

A medium strength peel from Dermaceutic, is an effective solution suitable for all types of pigmentation. 

Mela Peel Forte is a highly effective two-phase chemical peel procedurel containing unrivalled concentrations of the most proven effective anti-pigmentation actives to reduce the appearance of melasma, even skin tone and improve skin radiance. 

Melapeel Forte + Cosmo Peel

Reveal long-lasting, visible results when combining the powerful ingredients of Dermaceutics Mela Peel Forte with their Cosmo Peel. This safe, yet targeted approach will help shift the most stubborn pigmentation concerns to reveal healthier and more radiant looking skin.

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Professional treatment for facial aging. It rejuvenates skin, neutralizes free radicals, and promotes a whiting effect with anti-spot action. Increasing skin luminosity and allowing better moisture absorption and skin elasticity.

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