Redness And Rosacea Solutions

When you suffer from redness or rosacea in the skin, managing flare ups, avoiding triggers and attempting to conceal the redness may seem like a never-ending battle. There are many factors that can contribute to redness and rosacea presenting in the skin. Most often when experiencing these skin concerns your skin will be sensitive, you may experience flushing, redness and can develop an uneven bumpy texture on the skin surface.

When treating redness, you want to first focus on reducing inflammation in the skin and improving skin barrier function. You want to use products that are non-irritating, that have minimal fragrance and alcohol in their formulations. Using products specifically designed to soothe and hydrate the skin while strengthening your skin barrier will help reduce the appearance of redness.

Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin condition. Capillaries on the surface of the skin are permanently enlarged resulting in a reddened or flushed appearance. Knowing what triggers your rosacea can help avoid flare-ups, common triggers include sun exposure, stress, spicy food, alcohol, cold weather conditions and exposure to wind. Rosacea is a condition to manage rather than treat – being aware of and avoiding triggers and the application of supportive skincare products will help in preventing a flareup and managing your rosacea.