Our skin reacts differently to varying stimuli during the day and night, so it makes sense that we give it different nutrients and protection for those contrasting times. Having a rigid day and night skincare routine can often feel like a chore for a lot of people, but taking the time to really look after your skin is incredibly important. Once you have your particular processes in place, you will really notice the difference.

During the day we need to protect our skin against all the elements it will come up against, inducing sun, polluants, make up and germs. So when we protect during the day, at night we treat the skin. Cleansing away impurities, hydrating and allowing skin to rest, is absolutely imperative and encourages regeneration overnight.

A basic day routine

One of the best things you can do to prepare your skin for the day is to get a decent amount of good quality sleep. Rest is as important for the inside of your body as it is for the outside. Drinking enough water throughout the day can also be majorly beneficial to how your skin looks and feels. 

1. Cleanser
What better way to start your day than washing away the residue from the layer of lovely moisture you gave your face the night before. This will leave your skin fresh and ready for the next morning steps.

2. Exfoliator 
This step should only be done once or twice a week at most. Make sure you alternate the days so your skin has the chance to regenerate the cells that were removed from prior exfoliation.

3. Serums
A serum during the day will help to boost the effects of the moisturiser you will put on in Step 6. A serum will prep your skin while allowing it to breathe and pores not to clog.

4. Topical Medications
If you suffer with acne or have other blemish creams that you can apply to ease any discomfort or inflammation, this point of your routine is best for those.

5. Active Serum
A vitamin C serum will help to diminish dark circles under your eyes or any pigmentation that is associated with age or sun exposure.

6. Moisturiser/Sunscreen
Without a doubt, the most important thing to do for your skin is protect it from the sun. A great way to kill two birds with one stone here is to use a combined moisturiser and sunscreen. This means you won’t have that extra heavy feeling of too many creams on your face. You can even buy great tinted moisturisers that have a strong SPF.

A basic night routine

You may not realise it, but the order in which you apply your skin care products can have an effect on how they work. As a general rule to remember, the heavier the product, the more easily it can penetrate the skin - meaning it is best to apply the products in order of lightest to heaviest. This will give your skin the best chance to moisturise and deeply regenerate overnight.

1. Remove Makeup
A good oil based makeup remover will eliminate things like mascara, brow gel or heavy foundation. This will prep your skin to be cleansed a little deeper afterwards.

2. Cleanser
A decent and hearty cleanser will remove any residue from the makeup remover and clear out pores that may have encountered impurities throughout the day. Cleansing will also free your skin of any oil that is left over from a sunscreen or moisturiser.

3. Exfoliate
Do this once or twice a week depending on how your skin is feeling. Make sure you alternate your exfoliation morning and nights, be careful not to over exfoliate as you can lose some of the good oils your skin produces.

4. Corrective Topical Treatments
Just like the morning routine, apply any treatments you need to for skin blemishes or acne.

5. Eye Cream
Very carefully using your ring or little finger to apply your eye cream under your eye where you may be prone to dark circles or puffiness. This step aims to protect the delicate skin on this area of your face.

6. Active Serum
This is where you apply your vitamin c serums, other serums with active acids and ingredients formulated to work harmoniously together and lock in moisture while you sleep.

7. Moisturise
Overnight, your skin can dehydrate a lot. To combat this, a good night time moisturiser massaged into your face in small circular motions can definitely help. You can try a moisturiser with an active ingredient like a retinol or hyaluronic acid.

There is so much out there on the market when it comes to skin care products and things can get a little confusing especially, when you’re looking at really amping up your general skin care routine. We suggest that you consult the professionals first before purchasing anything that could be the wrong thing for the special requirements of your skin.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at The Skin Boutique. Our friendly specialists are waiting to give you any advice you need. 

November 16, 2020 — Ali Moini