On of the most popular of our laser and light offerings, Laser Hair Removal is an effective, safe and comfortable treatment which permanently reduces unwanted hair growth on the face and body. Noticeably smoother skin can be experienced even after one session, with an improvement of ingrown hairs and up to 30% total reduction of hairs.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser Hair Removal works by gently pulsing a beam of light onto the skin and ultimately damages the hair follicle, preventing the follicle to stimulate hair growth. Without being too technical, this process can only occur when the hairs contain enough pigment and are in the right stage of growth. The light from the laser has a strong attraction to pigment and therefore the energy is absorbed by darkly coloured hair and produces heat. The increase in temperature damages the stem cells lining the hair follicle, and if the hair is in it's actively growing stage, resulting in the follicle being unable to produce hairs. Lucky the treatment is much more straight forward than it sounds!

The ideal client for Laser Hair Removal will have lighter coloured skin and darker coloured hair as this contrast allows the laser to be effectively absorbed into the follicle. However, at The Skin Boutique, we can cater for all skin and hair types.

As we cannot tell what stage of growth the hairs are in, multiple treatments are required, usually 6 to 12, spaced 2 to 8 weeks apart. Once you have completed your course of treatments, we recommend you have ‘touch-up’ treatments commonly 1-4 times a year to maintain your results and treat any new hairs that may have been stimulated!

Ok, so that's the detail, what are the next steps?

Easy!  Book your first appointment with our specialists today, with our easy online booking system. With locations in Melbourne CBD, Elwood, and Casey Central, no matter your location, our team of experts are happy to assist you in your journey to smoother, hair free skin.

Once you have your appointment booked in, these are our easy tips on how to prepare for your first session.

  • 24 hours prior to your appointment we recommend you carefully shave the area that you are having treated
  • Please do not wax or pluck the hairs as it is important to keep the hair inside of the follicle – only shave!
  • Ensure the skin is completely clean (no products have been applied post shower)
  • You should avoid recent sun exposure to the treatment area and use a broad-spectrum sunblock with SPF 30+ daily
  • No fake tan can be present in the treatment area
  • If you have naturally tanned or darker skin, you may be required to use a pigment inhibitor (topical product that we stock) for at least two weeks prior to your treatment to reduce the risk of stimulating pigmentation. Don’t worry, we will discuss this with you in your consultation.

What to expect during the treatment

The treatment is relatively quick and pain-free. Your therapist will ensure the area is suitable for treatment on the day and grid up the hairs to be treated. You may feel some heat and a flicking/pinching sensation which stops as soon as the pulse has occurred. To give you an idea – an underarm only takes about one minute!

We also have a Zimmer machine that delivers cold area to the area at the same time it’s being lasered to help with any discomfort, it’s also a great distraction!

Once the area has been lasered, Post Laser Gel will be applied, and you are free to go! Redness and swelling around the follicles are normal post treatment, therefore it’s important to keep the area as cool as possible for at least 24 hours. This means no excessive exercise, hot baths, tight clothing, sun exposure and regular application of a post Laser Gel will be your saviour! We recommend using Skin Simple, which you can purchase online or in clinic.

Alright, I’ve had my treatment and I can still see the hairs are growing back?

The hairs may look like they are growing like normal in the first week post treatment, however, do not be alarmed. It takes the successfully treated hairs 10 days to loosen and fall out of the follicle. If you shave around the 10-day mark, you should notice a reduction in growth, and finer, fairer hairs may replace the thicker darker hairs. Hallelujah!

Can you laser fluffy blonde facial hairs?

While our Laser Hair Removal services are effective in treating hairs that have colour to them (note, we can’t treat blonde, white, grey or red hairs), we also offer Epidermal Levelling Facials to exfoliate and temporarily remove fluffy, blonde facial hairs. This treatment is fantastic prep in the lead up to an event, as it creates a smooth, fresh and flawless canvas – perfect for naturally glowing skin or makeup application.

As the results from Laser Hair Removal treatments are almost immediate, you can be well on your way to being hair free and experiencing slower hair growth within a just a few sessions. Therefore, you can begin your journey anytime of the year knowing that within months you will experience a significant reduction of hairs, smoother skin and improved confidence. However most people start in Winter, when the skin hasn't been exposed to the sun.

Laser Hair Removal is one of our most popular services at The Skin Boutique as we offer fast, effective and affordable treatments teamed with professional trained therapists, medical grade Cynosure lasers and unapparelled client care. The Skin Boutique offers complimentary Laser Hair Removal Consultations in each of our boutiques, conducted by our Beauty Therapists, Dermal Clinicians and Nurses! 

What are you waiting for? We can guarantee you will leave asking why you didn’t start Laser Hair Removal sooner.

Contact us to book in your Complimentary Consultation and initial appointment.

June 21, 2021 — Tara Edgley