How to book online

Choose Your Preferred Clinic

Booking your favourite treatment online with The Skin Boutique is fast and simple. Firstly you'll want to select your closest or preferred clinic by clicking on the circle next to the clinic location and clicking continue.

Choose Your Treatment

Now you'll be shown a list of available treatments your selected clinic. Use the dropdown to show you the available options for your treatment. Tick the treatments you wish to book and click continue to move to the next step.

Choose Your Skin Therapist or Cosmetic Injector

The next step is to choose your preferred skin therapist or cosmetic injector for your treatment. If you don't have a preferred staff member, choose 'No Preference'. Click continue to proceed to the final step.

Schedule Your Appointment

You'll now see a calendar of available appointments you can book. Select a date and a time that is preferred by you. If your date or time is not available, you may want to go back and change your skin therapist to 'No Preference' for the most available times.

Your Information

Finally, you'll need to enter your details to secure your booking. Please fill out as much information as you can to ensure we can match your booking to your account accurately.