There are many considerations to factor in if you are thinking about amping up your home care with a result driven cleansing product. With an extensive range of cleansers to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know why you need a cleanser in the first place!

It is important to find a product that is suitable for your skin type and skin concerns, fits into your lifestyle and current home care routine and is a product that you enjoy using!  Finding a cleanser for your skincare routine that works best for you is something that requires a discussion with your Skin Specialist. 

Remove harmful irritants and pollutants

It’s probably beneficial to understand why facial cleansers exist in the first place. If you’re someone who wears makeup, or spends a lot of time outside where dirt and pollutants are prevalent you’ll be familiar with how oily, clogged, irritated and/or dry your skin feels at the end of the day.

The combination of these elements can cause even more damage if you have acne prone skin or other skin sensitivities. Being prone to breakouts due to hormonal changes at different times of the month can also mean your skin needs a little extra attention when it comes to cleansing.

If you’ve identified that this sounds like you, then a facial cleanser is something you definitely need to introduce into your daily skincare routine if you haven’t done so already. 

Benefits of using facial cleanser

There are so many different ingredients, products, devices and home treatments on the market that claim to have all sorts of additional benefits while also cleansing your skin. Make-up removing, exfoliating, brightening, hydrating, anti-bacterial… and the list goes on.

You would be forgiven for not being able to make a choice, especially if you want a cleansing product that will suit your specific needs and seamlessly fit into your home care routine! The benefits of actively cleaning your skin with more than just water are important for  your long term skin health and include:

  • Removes daily oil, dead skin cells and makeup
  • Antibacterial action prevents and reduce breakouts and acne
  • Improves skin barrier function, minimising redness and irritation 
  • Rebalance pH, hydrates and nourishes your skin
  • Gentle exfoliating action cleans pores and brightens your complexion 
  • Increases penetration of other homecare products

Active Ingredients in Facial Cleansers

At the very least you should be using a cleanser once a day. Twice a day is optimal, especially when you’ve been outside exposed to the elements and pollution or working out. A lot of cleansing products on the market will have active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, niacinamide, salicylic acid and micelles.

These active ingredients add another level of protection against visible signs of ageing by targeting things like hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture. The right cleanser is a fantastic multipurpose product as it not only cleans your skin and  targets specific skin concerns but they will also prepare your skin for the maximum absorption of the rest of your home care products. 

Are you still wondering if a cleanser is worth it? Or which one in our wide range of products will best help your skin type? We have many different cleansers or in clinic style treatments for you to try at home. Enquire today about our skincare, book a consultation online or in store to find out more information.
March 12, 2021 — Ali Moini