Ultrasonic Pore Cleanser

$149.00 AUD

If you are serious about deep cleaning your skin and putting your best face forward, this product is for you.

The Hello Glow Skin Ultrasonic Cleanser is designed to get to the core of your skin issues with a gentle yet effective method that promises the deepest clean ever.

The innovative design of this leading pore cleanser will treat you to three modes focused on cleansing and tightening as well as the stylised infusion of skincare serum. The pore cleanser is formed with high-end piano paint on its outer casing and is available for purchase in either black or white .

This deluxe product comes with a 24K gold plated spatula, designed with luxury in mind, as well as a product that delivers on its promises.

This pore cleanser activates ultrasonic sound waves at 25,000 vibrations per second and removes the build-up of dead skin and leftover debris that can make your skin look dull and tired.

If you’re serious about giving your skin the boost it deserves, then consider this ultrasonic cleanser as an essential in your skincare routine.

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