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Sonic Cleansing Brush


Purify the skin an brisk away dead skin cells, dirt, oil and makeup with the Hello Glow Sonic Cleansing Brush. The silicone filaments are a hygenic option to get a deeper and more thorough clean of the skin. With a dual action of cleansing and exfolation unclogging stubborn pores and lifting away dirt from the skin, blemishes are minimised. 

Customisable intensities for a more intensive deep cleanse or a light freshen up.

Available in 4 colours!! Light Pink, Light Blue, Bright Pink & Black!

Suitable for all skintypes but highly recommended for teens who desire that squeaky clean feeling without irritation! Reveal you TSB Glow with our introductory offer! Currently 40% Off just 20 of these soft brushes!

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How It Works

Utilising sonic vibrations the Hello Glow Sonic Brush stimulates the skin to increase blood circulation that helps to increase radiance in the skin. These vibrations also gently exfoliate and create a deep cleanse of the skin for a purified finishing result. 

How to Use

Prepare the skin by. performing a single cleanse, rinse the cleanser away and leaving the skin damp. 

Running the tap with warm to tepid water, wet your brush then apply cleanser to either your face or on to the bristle section of your brush. 

Turn your brush on and in circular motions, glide gently of the skin for 1 minute.

Finsh your cleanse by removing all cleanser from the skin and patting your skin dry. You are then ready to follow with your normal routine.