Epi-Dermal Levelling

Epi-Dermal Levelling

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Oil, debris and dead cells can build up on fine facial hairs leading to blocked pores and also cause skin to look dull or tired. Epi-Dermal Levelling gently abrades the skin to restore a more youthful and brighter complexion that is free from these troublesome hairs.

Chose from 3 exclusive facials-

Signature- Includes a Crystal Fibre Mask to promote healing and restore your skin's hydration levels.

Restore- Utilises the healing energy of the Healite II LED to energise your skin cells and restore their normal functions, this facial also finishes with a Crystal Fibre Mask.

Enhanced- A results orientated facial designed to seeks and shrinks enlarged pores, diffuses redness and promote the production of collagen. Includes a Laser Genesis - Lite and Crystal Fibre Mask.