Biologi Skincare



      With a profoundly different approach to skincare, Biologi delivers on a level unlike any other. This particular brand provides its customers with unheard of results and are the first in the world to offer entirely Clean Cosmeceuticals. All products are free from fragrance and synthetic activating ingredients and are 100% naturally plant based.

      The Biologi Range 

      At The Skin Boutique we are proud to offer our clientele a range of products from the esteemed Biologi brand. Stable ingredients including, purely natural Vitamin C and 100% active plant phyto-nutrients are used in their groundbreaking Biologi serums. Pioneering an extraction method called CLECS™ that has the ability to create a product based solely on the power of plant nutrients is truly revolutionary.

      Why Choose Biologi?

      If you are conscious of how your life impacts the world around you as much as how the world around you impacts your skin, then Biologi is the perfect range of products for you. With 12 years of research and development behind each Biologi skincare product, their understanding of function and health on a cellular level is second to none. Supercharging your skincare routine with Biologi serums will give you a brighter complexion, reduced visible signs of ageing and around the clock protection for regenerating cells.

      Would you like to know more about what Biologi can do for your skin? Book in a Virtual Skin Consultation with one of our skilled skin therapists to get tailored advice on your skincare routine and our highly effective rejuvenation procedures.

      8 products

      8 products