You may have seen these gadgets used in the clinic during a treatment and thought - hundreds of tiny little needles penetrating the surface of your skin sounds absolutely terrifying... Allow us to change your mind. It hurts much less than you think it does and you will be totally thrilled with the outcome. 

Dermal rolling has been a part of in clinic treatments for decades and can give your skin results you never knew were possible at home! When the roller is used correctly, the tiny needles disrupt the skin's surface and by penetrating a few of the layers.

The micro injuries that are caused awaken the skin and stimulate the healing process to encourage key proteins to activate. When your skin is pushed to heal, naturally occurring collagen and elastin are produced to help the process. With age, these proteins are harder to produce naturally, so our skin needs a bit of a boost in that department.

The results you will see in your skin after using a dermal roller will absolutely be noticeable. Wrinkles will be reduced, your skin will look more plump and youthful and you will generally notice a glow about your complexion that wasn’t there prior to the treatment.

What is a dermal roller?

This device has a cylindrical body and is attached to a long handle about the length of a spoon or fork handle. The cylinder at the end of the handle is secured in a way that it can be rolled over the skin. This part also has hundreds of tiny little needles sticking out of it that are designed to individually prick the surface of the skin to cause ‘micro injuries’. 

What to look for in a good dermal roller?

When shopping for the best dermal roller for your skin, it is great to remember that not all of these devices were created equally. It can be quite dangerous for your skin if you use the wrong roller. So here are a few tips on what you need to look out for - 

  • Ensure you’re using a reputable brand - we recommend the range of Hello Glow dermal rollers.
  • Don’t find the cheapest on the market - you won’t need to splash too much cash but look to spend between $30 and $100 on a good dermal roller.
  • Choose a needle thickness and length that works for your skin type - anything over 0.5mm should not be used at home as you can damage your skin if you don’t apply it correctly. 
  • Make sure your dermal roller is made from a quality material - look for surgical grade steel, titanium or gold.

How to use a dermal roller on your skin

Firstly, try not to think too much about the needles and think about the incredible results you will gain. With anything new for your skin, trial and error is required and it is always best to go slowly and gently for the first few treatments. Once your skin has become used to the process you will be able to see what it can handle.

  1. Thoroughly clean your skin first with a gentle cleanser and toner. 
  2. With the roller, apply gentle pressure to the area you want to treat.
  3. Roll the device back and forth in each direction about 3-5 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
  4. Keep the same speed and pressure for uniform results in the skin.
  5. Once you’re finished, clean the roller with a medical grade alcohol solution.
  6. Keep the device in the storage container that was provided.
Would you like to know if dermal rolling is appropriate for your skin complaints? Get in touch with our team of experts at The Skin Boutique for more information on our devices and how they can help to improve your skin.
April 15, 2021 — Ali Moini