As individuals, we all have different reasons for wanting to change the way we look and ultimately the way we feel.

The muscles of the face allow us to express a range of emotions such as happiness, sadness and anger. Over time the repeated use of facial muscles cause lines and wrinkles to occur, particularly around the frown area, and may even make you look angry or worried, even when you are not. Over time you may even notice the lines get deeper.


Anti-wrinkle injections are a naturally occurring protein extract and is generally well tolerated in the minute levels administered for cosmetic use. They have been approved for use for over 20 years globally.

How quickly will I see results?

You may notice the results in just 2-3 days. The peak effect is between 10-21 days after treatment. The effects typically last for approximately 4 months, however individual results may vary.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

A very small dose is injected in the specific frown muscles causing lines and wrinkles. Once the muscles are relaxed, the overlying wrinkles in the frown may soften or reduce. The treatment takes around 10-15 minutes and is minimally invasive and relatively pain free. When the frown lines are relaxed after treatment, the skin around the area will look smooth and less wrinkled. Untreated areas will continue to move as normal and you will be able to laugh, smile and frown, just with less wrinkling of the skin in the treated areas.

As we age, our skin loses collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid causing the formation of lines and wrinkles. The bones, muscles and fat pads also change, affecting facial shape and volume.


What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are made from complex sugar chains known as hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is found naturally in the body where its main role is to attract water and provide hydration to the skin. Fillers are designed to resemble your body’s own natural HA and can help revitalize your facial features with a variety of treatment that can:

  • Enhance facial volume
  • Soften lines and wrinkles
  • Correct asymmetries and restore facial balance
  • Restore fullness to lips

How do fillers work?

Fillers are injected under the skin’s surface to fill out lines and wrinkles and to restore facial contours and asymmetries.

There are different types of dermal fillers formulated for various indications such as; enhancing lips, cheeks, under the eyes, chin, along the jaw line, forehead and nose. After an initial consultation with your cosmetic practitioner, the most suitable dermal filler will be selected for you.

for natural-looking results


How long does a treatment last for?

The effects of a treatment are long lasting but not permanent. A treatment can last up to 18 months with just one top up treatment. After your initial treatment, follow up sessions are usually recommended to maintain results.

This patient has been treated with dermal fillers to the Frown lines, Tear trough (tired eyes), Nose-to-mouth lines, Jawline and Skin Hydration Boosters to the face

This patient has been treated with dermal fillers to the Forehead lines, Tear trough (tired eyes), Nose-to-mouth lines, Chin and Skin Hydration Boosters to the face

This patient has been treated with dermal fillers to the Worry lines & Forehead lines

This patient has been treated with dermal fillers to the Forehead lines, Tear trough (tired eyes), Nose-to-mouth lines. Chin and Skin Hydration Boosters to the face




Dr Sean Arendse graduated from King's College, London. He specialises in the use of muscle relaxant injections and temporary dermal fillers for non-surgical full facial rejuvenation. He is renown for providing very high quality, detailed facial assessments and a natural aesthetic following treatments.

He is a national trainer for various cosmetic injectable products and keeps up with his professional development by attending numerous conferences and advanced aesthetic workshops both nationally and internationally.



Carnie completed her Bachelor of nursing at the University of Ballarat. She has expertise in performing anti-wrinkle injections to smooth away crow's feet and frown lines, natural looking lip enhancement and rejuvenation, facial reshaping and contouring (cheek enhancement), under eye rejuvenation, reduction of marionette lines and jowls, as well as subtle lifting of the face with dermal fillers.

Carnie has a solid background in medical aesthetics and is highly-skilled in facial anatomy, asymmetry and facial rejuvenation techniques used in all aspects of cosmetic injecting. Carnie is also a national trainer for various cosmetic products.